The Science Behind Ultimate Mats Waterhog Mats

The Waterhog mat became America’s favorite floor mat when it was introduced commercially in 1986. It’s durable and stain-resistant, with a unique bi-level design that traps dirt and moisture.

Featuring 78-mil SBR rubber backing and gripper or smooth surface options for placement on the carpet and other hard floors, Waterhog floor mats are easy to vacuum, extract, clean, or hose off.


Ultimate Mats WaterHog mats are made from durable and long-lasting, heavy-duty polypropylene fiber. It is resistant to staining, dries quickly, and will not fade or rot.

Polypropylene is also crush-resistant, so it will not become distorted or brittle over time. This construction is ideal for high-traffic areas, as the fibers will not rip or tear like traditional nylon mats.

They are also anti-static, meaning that they will not create electrical shocks. This makes them safe to use in computer rooms and other areas where people spend a lot of time with electronic equipment.

Another benefit of these mats is that they are straightforward to clean. They can be vacuumed and hosed down without unique cleaning products, an excellent option for businesses who want to save money on maintenance.

These Ultimate Mats are also available in a variety of different colors and patterns. Some are even screen printed with a business name or logo to make them more memorable for customers.

All of these mats have a beveled edge that allows for a smoother transition on and off the mat, especially for people who are in wheelchairs or are walking with a walker. They also have a water dam border that keeps moisture from escaping onto the floor.

Unlike traditional doormats, WaterHog mats are available in various styles and designs. These include half-moon shapes, oval fan shapes, diamond and chevron patterns, and parquet patterns. These designs are great for commercial spaces and give your building a stylish, contemporary look.

They are also available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. They are easy to place on floors and are backed by rubber that will not crack or curl, ensuring they remain in place for years.

Some of these mats are available in cleated designs to fit over carpeting. These mats are perfect for high-traffic areas and can be used on virtually any flooring surface.

These mats are designed to absorb up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard and effectively collect dirt and moisture from shoes. They can also absorb rain, snow, sleet, and hail, so they will keep your floors dry and prevent any damage.


Safety is an important consideration when choosing a floor mat. The proper entry or exit mat will protect your floors from the damaging effects of dirt and grit while helping to prevent slips and falls.

In addition, a high-quality floor mat will also help improve your facility’s appearance, making it more appealing to your patrons. Waterhog mats come in a wide range of designs and styles, so you can choose one that meets your needs.

They’re also very affordable; you can customize them with your company logo! That’s a great way to increase brand awareness and promote your business.

These mats are made from durable materials and have a unique bi-level surface that will help to keep your floors clean and dry. They also reduce the risk of slips and falls, which is especially helpful if you have slippery floors or frequent foot traffic.

The mat’s design also helps to scrape mud and dirt off of shoes, while the molded dam at the bottom of the mat will trap moisture within its trenches. This will help keep your floor safe and prevent mold, mildew, and rot buildup.

A waterproof floor mat is a must for any commercial space with a lot of traffic, as it will help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. It also reduces the number of odors in your building, which can be a nuisance for your patrons.

When selecting the right mat for your business, you’ll need to consider the amount of traffic and whether your floors are hardwood or tile. Wooden floors are particularly vulnerable to the effects of a rubber mat, as these can cause damage to the finish of the floor.

For this reason, it’s best to choose a floor mat with a smooth backing rather than a gripper one. The former is best for carpeted floors, while the latter is best for wood, vinyl, and concrete.

Waterhog’s Classic Entrance Mat with Anchor Safe Backing is ideal for places with heavy cart traffic and rolling loads, as the anchor backing will keep the mat from bunching up.


Ultimate Waterhog mats offer several aesthetic benefits to their users. They are easy to maintain, come in various sizes and colors, and can be personalized with a company logo or brand name.

These floor mats also reduce the risk of slips and fall in hallways and lobbies by trapping dirt, moisture, and debris under the surface. They are also heat and mold-resistant, making them an excellent choice for businesses that want to protect their floors from harsh weather conditions.

They can also be customized to create a cohesive look throughout your space. For example, you can place them in your entryway or lobby to make your business look professional.

Some of these Ultimate Mats even come with various designs and patterns that can be added to the overall theme of your building. For instance, you can find holiday-themed mats that are ideal for use around Christmas time.

One of the unique features of these mats is their ability to hold up to a gallon of water per square yard, which means they’re perfect for absorbing rain, snow, and other harsh elements. They’re also resistant to rot, mold, and mildew.

In addition, Ultimate Mats Waterhog mats are available in various styles and shapes. For example, you can choose a classic mat with a fabric border or a fashion mat with a corduroy diamond pattern.

Other mats are designed with eco-friendly materials. For example, the Waterhog Eco Premier has a rubber backing that contains 15-20% recycled materials from reclaimed vehicle tires. This ensures that each mat can reduce landfill waste by 400 tons annually.

These mats are also anti-static, meaning they won’t fade over time. This ensures that your logo stays vibrant and looks great for a long time.

Another feature of these mats is that they can be hosed off and hung to dry or commercially laundered. They can also be vacuumed regularly to keep them clean and looking their best.


A Waterhog mat can help keep your floors clean and dry, but it also needs regular maintenance to perform at its best. Following the best cleaning and care practices below ensures your mat can do its job for years!

One of the most important things you can do to keep your Waterhog mat looking great is to vacuum it regularly. This will remove dust and dirt that may be caught in the material’s fibers, which can lead to damage over time. Vacuuming is a simple yet effective way to maintain your Waterhog mat and can extend its lifespan by many years!

Ideally, your Waterhog mat should be vacuumed at least once daily, but more than that is recommended. You can do this with a standard commercial-grade vacuum, which should have an adjustable head and a hose attachment to help loosen up stubborn debris and dirt that may be stuck in the fibers.

Another way to keep your Waterhog mat looking its best is by using an outdoor protective coating. These are designed specifically for outdoor carpets and rugs and can help protect your Waterhog mat against the elements.

To get started, look for a commercial-grade outdoor floor coating that has been tested and certified to be safe for your Waterhog mats. It should be applied to your Waterhog mats before they are used outdoors to provide optimal protection against the elements.

It is also a good idea to clean your Waterhog mats before returning them to service, especially if they have been in the elements for some time. This can help prevent mold or mildew from developing, which can damage your Waterhog mats and cause them to lose effectiveness.

Once you’ve cleaned your Waterhog mats, dry them thoroughly before storing them. When stored, you can use a tack strip to keep them from moving too much.

Your Waterhog mats should be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions, but generally, they should be vacuumed at least once, if not more often. If your mat is filthy, you should shake it out and vacuum it more than once daily to ensure the dust is removed from the surface.