Nga tangata no La manga

La Manga Fishing Village Mexico in early 2005

Male from La Manga!

Ariba! He appeared again.

There have been around 5 years the gap when I actually haven’t heard a voice or even know for sure the location or existence of Michael Hager or his wife Sherry.

I know with his own account a few moments before September 1998, Michael has made a decisive decision, which will replace all practical purposes of the average normal freedom of Americans will enjoy. It will change his involvement with those loved and close to him, his family and his two sons, but it is also not mistaken, also not inevitable.

This will lead to the underground lifestyle period for more than 5 years. Where we ever “ran for the border” for Taco, Michael had made a literal dashboard, with the expectations of the old West predecessors in front of him. Go south, run away to Badlands Mexico, through Nogales, Arizona and a careful life if it’s not hiding.

When Michael has told me in early 1998 he has made a decision that might be consistent with people who have not fully left momentum and exceptions to live in “legitimate” means obtaining compensation. The choice of “service” is that a lot of creativity is almost the same and disgust for secular discipline has been taken. Living in Arizona, his proximity to his own entrepreneurial business, Michael attached to himself again with risky and useful? The world of transportation of marijuana. It might be a low road for those who really look for and for Michael Hager, already 50; He has no reason to claim the lack of experience or lack of wisdom. That and there is always about choices, especially when one of us becomes captivated on the “convenience” that appears and accesses such opportunities.

As, it has been with Michael, almost extraordinary and disgusting so, he paid a harsh price, the following indifference, also included his paradoxical nature to find goals and become a big graces recipient and difficulties.

Still it is a human story and divine, which is not intended to be the opposite strength, but of course if it is not strange to play in the landscape of free and destiny … and in the end, “Man of La Manga.” born.

Michael, quite typical easily to beautify him and  โดจิน his experience. He told me that he had fallen because of “tactics” at the DEA examination post (drug enforcement agency) on Jalan Raya Missouri, advising the dismissal in front, who inspired those who were erratic, to make uncertain decisions.

The reason Michael to pull out at the “previous” exit, played directly to, the agency designed to cheat “guilty” (hold) for the right action.

Sure enough, they were waiting, Michael’s comments, dogs sniffing drugs began to do a “Mexican hat dance” around their full rental truck and secreted with 150 lbs of illegal contraband goods.

Michael, I already knew by picking him up from Tucson District Prison once because some mild violations were not tended to prison. In fact, that night I went to get it in Tucson, he wasn’t even waiting for me in prison, preferred to escape and walked at night with a direct release. I found it, panting and nervous ran with an unshakable road. Almost no, accommodating images or business problems such as ordinary detainees. I know this bust will put it on the rope and in drastic steps.

As shown, Michael himself assessed his situation and made a decision to avoid authority and avoid efforts to sue him. By not knowing the real plan to talk about, he took refuge in one of the areas of Lake Arizona and camped, and even there, narrow fear.